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    Adrianne Marie's jewelry brand was born from the need for affordable yet durable jewelry. Growing up by the beach in Southern California and now based in the heart of Los Angeles, her designs offer a unique fusion of coastal ease and urban edge. Waterproof, sweatproof, and hypoallergenic, her jewelry is perfect for everyday wear. Adrianne wants you to enjoy life without ever having to worry about your jewelry tarnishing or losing its color.



    Founder of Aleksa Designs, Dahli Patel designs unique jewelry that embodies everyday elegance. She combines vibrant colors with intricate details and bold shapes with romantic, vintage-inspired patterns to create jewelry that exudes quiet confidence. In her alluring creations, Dahli brings together the mysticism of the East and the practicality of the West. Influenced by her Asian heritage, her jewelry reflects a spiritual style, transporting wearers beyond time.



    Alexis’s family has been manufacturing fine jewelry for generations. Alexis loved inviting friends to design their own jewelry with her. She would help them get personalized pieces for around 50% less than traditional retail store prices. One day it clicked – she could do this for everyone. And now she does, with Alexis Jae Jewelry. She focuses on timeless fine jewelry without the mark-ups. Everything is made especially for you and is completely customizable.



    Aneta Zae creates jewelry that is timeless, bold, playful and otherworldly at the same time. She designs sculptural and wearable art jewelry - fantasy jewels for fearless souls. For Aneta, there’s nothing better than creating from the heart without boundaries. Nature is the ultimate inspiration. Her limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces evoke a sense of magic. Every piece is handmade in her New York studio with ethically sourced gemstones and fine metals.



    Danish-born influencer turned designer, Anine Bing, has always been known for her impeccable taste and unique blend of Scandinavian simplicity with Los Angeles coolness. In 2012, she launched her eponymous brand together with her husband Nicolai out of their garage in Silver Lake. Today, the Anine Bing brand has evolved into a global fashion house. They are focused on everyday wardrobe essentials and investment pieces for modern women seeking a timeless yet rebellious approach to style.



    Ariel Taub is a well-known luxury fashion and bridal accessories brand in Michigan. Ariel specializes in designing elegant and unique pieces for the modern woman. The brand’s focus on glamorous details and meticulous crystal work sets it apart. For Ariel, the joy of being a small part of someone's big day or their everyday is what motivates her to continue creating timeless and unique pieces. Everything is handcrafted to order or made in limited quantities.



    Aurate is a New-York based fine jewelry brand that is something of an industry rebel. Frustrated by the lack of reasonably priced fine jewelry, friends Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui decided to rewrite the rules. Together, they built Aurate, offering dream-worthy pieces with the highest quality, unbeatable prices, sustainable and ethical practices and elegant designs. Aurate celebrates women buying for themselves: you set the gold bar high, Aurate strives to meet it.



    Enter your goddess era with Awe Inspired, a brand where jewelry becomes a conduit for channeling the divine feminine power within. In 2018, after conquering cancer for the third time, Jill embarked on a mission with her son Max to create universally wearable, beautifully crafted and empowering jewelry. The iconic Goddess Necklace was born, honoring the resilience and strength of all survivors. Awe Inspired has been inspiring people ever since.



    California-based lawyer turned jewelry designer, Azra Mehdi, proves it’s never too late to pursue your passion. Her love for jewelry is rooted in her Indian heritage - growing up, gold jewelry symbolized both love and female empowerment. Azra designs timeless, elegant and versatile fine jewelry using ethically sourced, superior materials. She aims for investment quality pieces that will make you feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on the world.



    When sisters Ally and Albina Mataj founded Bonheur Jewelry in NYC in 2015, they couldn’t have predicted the celebrity following that ensued. Admired for modern, architecturally inspired pieces, Bonheur is driven by a mission to create timeless jewelry that tells a story. Designs echo the world and the stories of the women who wear them. With a vision of fashion as a force for good, Bonheur crafts eco-friendly jewels using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones.



    bstrd is a unique handmade Canadian jewelry line built on the following pillars: quality, affordability, responsibility and versatility. Their goal is simple - to create quality pieces that are on-trend, affordable, responsibly made and offer many unique styling possibilities. The designs are bold, edgy, modern and creative.




    Carina Hardy has lived between Bali and New York City her entire life. Growing up in a family of jewelers, she was encouraged to push creative limits and trust hand craftsmanship. A designer and artist, Carina roots her practice in reverence for the strength and softness of women. Carina has worked in many mediums, including plaster, inflatables, ice and metal. Together with her lover Tavish, they established Carina Hardy in 2024.

  • CAST


    Co-founded by friends Rachel Skelly and Eric Ryan in 2021, Cast presents artful fine jewelry you won’t find anywhere else. Cast’s unique creations are designed in partnership with designers and artists across the globe. This creates a perpetual sense of freshness and excitement in Cast’s “wonderland”, where every piece carries a new story to discover. Putting the fun in fine jewelry, Cast’s aesthetic is clearly defined: chic, unexpected, and timeless.



    When the creators of Cate & Chloe launched their brand in 2012, their mission was clear: to provide high-quality jewelry at affordable prices. Identifying a distinct void in the jewelry market, Cate & Chloe emerged as the answer: a go-to destination for women seeking stylish jewelry that effortlessly enhances their ensembles. The brand presents simple, elegant and versatile pieces that add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your daily life.



    For twenty years, Catherine Weitzman has created jewelry that is inspired by the infinite beauty of nature and handmade in paradise. Catherine’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in her use of found objects, recycled metals, and responsible suppliers. Her signature creations seamlessly blend elegance with wearability, appealing to present trends while maintaining timeless style. All jewelry is handcrafted by a team of gifted artisans at her studio in Hawaii.



    Sharón Chandally Pedrini’s work carries tradition forward, innovating under the influence of generations. She explores the tension between asymmetry and balance, simplicity and chaos, and synthesizes her roots in Yemenite silversmithing with a uniquely modern sensibility. The result is an unfolding body of engaging work that looks to the future and nods to the past, celebrating the dance between old and new with grace, glamour, and a touch of grit. Luxury for the everyday.



    Ciardi Collection is a New York based fine jewelry line founded by Amy Ciardi. It is inspired by the ubiquitous influence of beauty and emotion - two things Amy finds to be endless in everyday life. The pieces are inspired by simplicity with a touch of drama and playfulness. Amy is committed to uplifting and offering her collectors elevated handmade fine jewelry that can be worn from day to night and passed down from generation to generation.



    Nicknamed the “Gem Whisperer”, Daria de Koning is a Los-Angeles based jewelry designer and gemologist. She creates art meant to be worn and treasured as pieces of a vast collection of beauty. Her one-of-a-kind jewelry reflects femininity, confidence, and spiritedness. Daria’s designs never begin in a sketchbook, but in the inner world of matrix-rich gemstones that speak to her. She is a matchmaker of colors and shapes that were destined to be together.



    Canadian jewelry designer Dean Davidson is renowned for his timeless jewelry with a global spirit. Inspired to design jewelry on a trip to South Africa, Dean left agriculture to start his own jewelry brand with travel at its heart. Dean’s unique creations capture the wonder he feels immersed in the beauty and cultures of different destinations. Today, Dean Davidson jewelry has adorned many prominent figures. Meticulous craftsmanship, hand-cut gemstones and a brushed finish are the brand’s signature.

  • DORKA S.

    DORKA S.

    Dorka S. Jewelry stands for timeless everyday jewelry that carries stories and memories across generations. The designer, Dora Kovacs was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary and has traveled across the world before moving to New York. Dora’s aim has been to create timeless yet modern pieces for women that not only decorate, but also capture their heart while emphasizing their strength, independence, and personality.

  • EFFY


    Effy Hematian arrived in the U.S. from Iran in 1978 with nothing. Today, his name is synonymous with exquisite fine jewelry. His creative vision, family values and obsession with quality led him to build a New York-based jewelry empire committed to local manufacturing. Celebrated as the King of Color, Effy’s stunning designs with colored gemstones and diamonds are instantly recognizable. While he sadly passed away in 2023, his three sons continue his iconic legacy.



    Eklexic was born from founder and designer Alexis Gordon Kelly’s life-long love of fashion. Bold, edgy, and versatile, the jewelry brand serves as a canvas for self-expression. Every piece is designed to stand beautifully on its own but also play well with others. Alexis believes her clients deserve designer jewelry that fits into every part of their lives. Crafted with sustainable materials and handmade to order in the United States, Eklexic Jewelry stands as a statement of quality, style and sustainability.



    Elizabeth Cole Jewelry creates glamorous, feminine jewelry for women who live their lives in color. Born from a love of beautiful things and the power of adornment, it all began with Stephanie's passion for creating. From tinkering with vintage pieces to celebrity stylists asking for the jewelry she was wearing, Stephanie was inspired to found Elizabeth Cole in 2005. Joined by her sister Beth, they strive to make fun, stylish, empowering jewelry available to all. Everything is proudly handcrafted in Rhode Island.



    Emily Kuvin gets you. She understands how jewelry should make you feel. Emily’s collections are vibrant and elegant, just like the women who wear them. She splashes color across her iconic designs with gemstones and applies diamonds for the perfect amount of sparkle that always feels right. All her pieces are imbued with a sense of boldness and fun - elegance that references the classical - but is never boring.



    With over 15 years experience, Erin Fader is a seasoned gemologist and designer who has made her mark in the jewelry world. Her affordable luxury jewelry has been featured in popular publications, adorned runways at Fashion Week and graced celebrities on national television. Erin Fader Jewelry Design is a manifestation of her passion for history and vintage aesthetics. Every piece pays homage to the unique story and process behind its creation.



    Aliza Guttman is the founder and designer behind Faeber Studio. She believes that design thrives on hands-on, process-driven development. Her tactile and exploratory approach to jewelry design involves meticulously working and reworking ideas physically, allowing her to fine-tune even the minutest details to achieve impeccable visual harmony. All Faeber creations are handcrafted, sustainable, and independently made, with the sentiment “we make things you’ll have forever” reflected in every piece.



    Beloved for its Parisian chic, Fedoma is a jewelry brand making modern vintage effortless. Based in Toronto, Fedoma creates fine and dainty handcrafted jewelry inspired by your grandmother’s collection. Inspired by unseen traditional jewelry crafting processes, Fedoma’s refined retro pieces are designed to surprise and effortlessly complement women worldwide. A commitment to sustainable and ethically made jewelry ensures Fedoma pieces are something you can be proud to wear every day and forever.

  • FYB


    fyb is a New York-based demi-fine jewelry brand founded by Chinese-American designer Alyssa Kuchta. Designed for stacking, layering, and personalization, fyb jewelry enhances everyday staple pieces with thoughtful design and playful twists to classic silhouettes. The jewelry is carefully crafted in 18k gold plating and sterling silver with semi-precious stones. Alyssa is driven by the philosophy of inspiring others to “follow your bliss” through meaningful jewelry and positive female community.



    Since 1915, Helzberg Diamonds has been on a mission to make people feel loved and help celebrate life’s happiest moments with exquisite jewelry. Quality Over Everything has defined the brand for over a century. From rigorous diamond selection and ethical sourcing practices to meticulous craftsmanship, Helzberg Diamonds proudly goes above and beyond industry standards every time. Now boasting over 200 stores in the USA, their legacy built on trust, knowledge and exceptional diamonds carries on.



    Jane Bartel is a designer and a maker in equal parts. In 2014, she established her eponymous jewelry brand in New York, where her native West Coast casual meets the city’s chic. Her inherent affinity for nature shines through in her designs. Her contemporary collections reimagine both everyday and heirloom pieces, inspired primarily by the organic forms and ethereal colors of the ocean. Whether a sleek, elevated essential or an all-out statement style, every collection infuses artisanal design with a creative spirit.

  • JNCY


    Natacha Matayer is a Haitian-American private jeweler and gemologist based in Miami, Florida. She established her luxury jewelry brand, JNCY Jewelers, in the summer of 2019 to fill the void in the minority bridal category and educate her community on diamonds, colored gemstones and precious metals. Natacha loves working with couples to help them find a style that is unique and reflective of their personality. Her goal is to help clients celebrate those forever moments like engagements, birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, as well as those “just because” moments.



    John Hardy is a luxury jewelry brand known for its artisan-crafted pieces inspired by Balinese culture and nature. The brand was founded in 1975 by John Hardy, a Canadian artist, and entrepreneur, who settled in Bali. Hardy was drawn to the island's rich artistic traditions and natural beauty, which heavily influenced the aesthetic of his designs. The brand is renowned for its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. Over the years it has grown a loyal following among jewelry enthusiasts worldwide.



    Judith Ripka founded her iconic namesake brand in New York City in 1977. Starting from her living room as a single mother in her 20s, little did she know she would build a jewelry empire. Passionate about jewelry that fit effortlessly into a woman’s life and embodied their wishes, dreams and meaningful moments, Ripka's designs captivated hearts worldwide. Her signature creations are renowned for their intricate detailing, vibrant gemstones and exquisite craftsmanship. Today her legacy continues to inspire.



    Juzzle Jewelry introduces puzzle rings, a groundbreaking concept at the intersection of jewelry and psychology. Comprised of two interlocking pieces that can be worn in diverse ways, these rings provide a unique accessory that balances style and mindfulness. Born amidst the pandemic, the brand aims to help individuals feel centered in a chaotic world. Co-founders Irina and Serafima shared a vision for jewelry that was both fashionable and chic and embodied profound meaning.



    Karma and Luck, founded by Vladi Bergman in 2015, draws from timeless traditions to craft intentional jewelry. Inspired by global cultures and ancient symbols, each piece reflects positive energy and modern spirituality. The brand cultivates a community aspiring to manifest their dreams and live a life fueled by good intentions. Ethical sourcing and sustainability underscore their commitment to humanity and the environment, demonstrating how small actions make a big difference.



    Moroccan jeweler Kenza Barrada lives between Bali and Florida. Inspired by iconic women civilizations from the Greek mythology to the Egyptian era all the way to the African Maasai, her jewelry reflects independent and empowered women, that like statement jewelry to dress up with sophistication and sensuality. Kenza is a global citizen passionate about women empowerment through art defined by the fine strokes of jewelry. Every piece allows women to feel strong and independent.



    Kendra Scott is a renowned American designer and entrepreneur. Noticing she could never find affordable colored gemstone jewelry, Kendra set out to fill the gap in the market in 2002. With only $500, she began creating jewelry from her bedroom in Austin, Texas. It grew to an empire and today the Kendra Scott brand is celebrated globally for its distinctive designs, vibrant colors, and commitment to philanthropy.



    Lisa Robin Adkinson is an award-winning fine jewelry designer based in Ohio, USA. Lisa’s belief that the jewelry you wear on your body should beautify your soul is what drives her designs. She believes jewelry should speak to you. It should resonate with who you are, what you believe and what is important to you. Her distinct contemporary designs are inspired by classic influences. Elegant and relaxed, with an old-world aesthetic.



    Miami-based Manifesto Jewelry presents high fashion jewelry with intention. More design, less embellishment. Martin Ortiz’s signature style, simple geometric designs that are chic and sexy, elegant and approachable, have gathered world-wide attention and acclaim. Discreet luxury, seduction and purity of lines are the characteristic of all his designs. Each piece embodies a natural elegance and sophisticated style, which makes them unique and refreshingly original.



    Marc Jacobs is one of the most influential American fashion designers, known for his fearless approach to design and ability to blend high fashion with street style. From his tenure as creative director of Louis Vuitton to growing his eponymous brand into an empire and winning multiple CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year awards, Jacobs holds many a feather in his cap. One of the defining characteristics of his brand is capturing the spirit of the moment while setting trends for the future.



    Recognized for its eveningwear and bridal creations, Marchesa extends its signature romantic aesthetic to jewelry. Founded by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, the New York-based luxury fashion brand is renowned for its high fashion sensibility and unparalleled attention to detail. Each piece, inspired by couture gowns and fairy tales, exudes sophistication and charm. Marchesa aspires to make you feel like the most beautiful and confident version of yourself.



    Los Angeles-based designer Marcia Moran’s jewelry line is rooted in her Brazilian heritage fused with Californian lifestyle. With her eye-catching, contemporary designs, Marcia’s goal is to make the women who wear them feel powerful and beautiful. Her semi-precious stone and precious plated jewelry continues to stand out for its balance of timeless elegance and playful fashion. You will often see celebrities wearing her pieces at special events like red carpets, photoshoots and interviews.



    With a background in sculpture and a passion for nature, Marina Babic creates miniature pieces of art for the body. Every angle tells a story. The clean design and fluid lines in Babic’s work have a classic beauty with a contemporary twist. Her mission is to help the wearer express their individual style by putting on a unique piece of jewellery.



    Martha Seely is an award-winning US-based designer presenting one-of-a-kind jewelry with multi-colored gemstones and diamonds. Martha designs with a contemporary sensibility influenced by her Scandinavian heritage. Inspired by celestial themes, her jewelry pays tribute to the astounding universe in which we live. Martha’s goal is for every piece be worn as a talisman and an expression of the wearer’s own uniqueness, making them feel confident and powerful.



    Melinda is the founder and designer of popular LA-based jewelry brand, Melinda Maria. She designs jewelry that sparks joy and makes her customers feel glamorous every day. The brand’s core philosophy is making luxury an everyday experience. Melinda’s beautiful, high-quality pieces blend fine craftsmanship with costume jewelry. Life is too short for boring jewelry, and every piece reflects her dedication to making individuals feel extraordinary, irrespective of a price tag.



    Miranda believes in the power of self-expression through unique, high-quality jewelry that celebrates individuality. Guided by her passion for design and inspired by the myriad ways her customers style her pieces, she devotes herself to creating jewelry that resonates personally. She aspires for her pieces to offer a magical moment for each woman in their day, where they can just put on their jewelry, feel creative and walk out a more confident version of themselves.



    Mother-daughter duo Jenny and Lily Monbouquette are passionate about pushing the boundaries of jewelry design. Founded in 2019 in Los Angeles, Monbouquette Jewelry merges Jenny’s passion for jewelry making with Lily’s fashion expertise. They believe jewelry should be personal, playful, and effortless. In every piece, they introduce a functional twist — be it a moving element, a concealed compartment, or a transformative mechanism, offering multiple ways to wear the creation.



    Monisha Melwani is a Miami-based jewelry designer driven by a simple yet powerful belief: luxury should be a part of our everyday lives. Drawing inspiration from her Asian roots and family legacy of jewelry craftsmanship, Monisha embarked on her fine jewelry venture in 2007. For Monisha, jewelry is a reflection of shared inspirations and cherished connections. What began as a heartfelt endeavor to cater to her inner circle quickly grew into a global sensation.



    From humble beginnings in Johannesburg to leading a global jewelry brand from Dallas, Natalie Mills has had an extraordinary journey. Guided by her vision of "Luxury for Less," she offers fashionable, affordable and quality pieces for every occasion. Each collection, infused with signature aesthetic elements, aims to bring out the sparkle in you and leave you feeling undeniably fabulous. The brand’s unique pieces mirror the inherent uniqueness in each of us.



    Inspired by living in multiple cities and countries, California-based designer Ola Shekhtman creates unique cityscape rings. Her sculptural creations reflect iconic architectural landmarks from beloved cities worldwide. Everyone has places that are special to them and hold a lot of significance. Available in sterling silver, gold or platinum, Ola’s rings allow you to carry your favorite places with you always and be reminded of precious moments and memories at a glance.



    California-based designer Olivia Rüst launched her namesake jewelry label in 2021. The brand presents a collection of thoughtfully curated modern jewelry essentials designed to inspire confidence and embrace authenticity. It is a testament to Olivia's own sense of style and inherent nature to dress authentically. Reflecting her Swedish heritage, the pieces are inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and influenced by fine art, travel and artisanal craftsmanship. Specializing in chunky chain link bracelets and unique charms and locks, Olivia aims for effortless styling and versatility.



    Based in San Diego, California, Parpala Jewelry stands as an elevated accessories label founded by creative designer Patricia Paramo. Since 2014, Patricia has crafted signature statements for modern women who appreciate effortless style and enjoy dressing up a basic tee or layering jewelry for the perfect nighttime look. Patricia’s delicate and minimal jewelry can be worn as a single accent or buildable statements, transitioning seamlessly from day to night.



    Rebecca Minkoff is a renowned American fashion designer celebrated for her contemporary and edgy designs. Born in San Diego, California, Minkoff gained widespread recognition for her iconic handbags, featuring distinctive hardware and luxurious materials. Her brand expanded to include ready-to-wear clothing, footwear and accessories. Minkoff is a prominent figure in the fashion industry, known for her innovative approach and commitment to creating accessible luxury for the modern, confident woman.



    Based in New York, Rêverme is a woman-powered jewelry brand marrying affordable luxury with vintage modern fantasy. The brand’s name is a fusion of "Rêver" (French for dream) and "me," symbolizing the union of dreams and self. Rêverme believes that jewelry should offer an intimate, dream-like experience. From statement pieces that command attention to delicate creations that whisper sophistication, Rêverme jewelry is designed to elevate your style.



    Founded by Sahira Sued, Sahira Jewelry Design specializes in creating timeless and affordable fashion jewelry for the modern woman. It’s handmade jewelry that is designed to be lived in and to last a lifetime. Every piece is hypoallergenic, durable and tarnish-resistant, ready to accompany you through life’s adventures. Effortlessly glamorous, the collection is a fusion of distinctive design and absolute authenticity. More than jewelry, Sahira’s pieces are a celebration of individuality and inclusivity.



    Sandrine B. is a New York-based jewelry designer who blends artistry with mindful craftsmanship. With a deep commitment to wearable art, Sandrine believes in preserving memories and amplifying the beauty of nature. Her sustainable artisan jewelry reflects the moments of life that resonate with her, be it in her hometown, on her travels, or at her childhood homes in Lyon and Corsica, France. Handcrafted with love and intention, her jewelry is a reminder that we are more than what meets the eye.



    Satya Scainetti has been crafting inspiring jewelry designed for life's journey since 2002. Featuring sacred symbols and healing gemstones, each creation is infused with spiritual meaning to evoke empowerment and joy. Designed with intention in New York City, the jewelry is handcrafted with love in India, Thailand, and the USA, upholding the highest quality standards, ethical practices and social responsibility. Join the brand in supporting children through the Satya Foundation partnership.



    With a fine arts degree and a background as a design director in advertising, Ania Czuprynski found her calling in Saulė, her jewelry brand where sustainability meets cutting edge fashion. Based in Detroit, Saulė was born from her conviction that ethical consciousness and style should coexist harmoniously. Drawing inspiration from her Eastern European heritage, Ania crafts beautiful jewelry with thoughtfully sourced materials.



    Since 1929, the Shane family have expertly crafted fine jewelry for life’s most special moments. Tom Shane and his son, Rordan, uphold the legacy of being your friend in the jewelry business. The one you can trust to help you shine brighter every day. Rooted in quality craftsmanship and a fervent pursuit of the most beautiful gemstones, Shane Co. ensures your love story is in good hands. They are here for you for a lifetime, because they are in it for a lifetime. Let Shane Co. help you find jewelry that feels like you.



    Sierra Otto is the creative force behind Sierra Winter Jewelry, based in the heart of Kansas City. Presenting handcrafted treasures of high-quality and inspired design, her pieces tell unique stories, just like the wearers themselves. Sierra’s intricately designed creations feature timeless elegance with a modern twist. She enjoys infusing personality and hidden messages into every piece. Sierra wants women to feel badass, confident and empowered when they wear her jewelry.



    Simone I. Smith is a powerhouse of style and resilience. Wife of LL Cool J and mother of four, Simone began creating jewelry in 2011 after surviving bone cancer. Her iconic Lollipop pendant was inspired by losing part of her lollipop tattoo to surgery. Renowned for her signature bold hoops (which even made Oprah’s list of favorite things) and nameplate pendants, Simone’s jewelry always conveys strength and authenticity. A portion of proceeds from every sale is donated to the American Cancer Society.



    Sincerely Silver was founded in 2015 as a small-scale venture by husband-and-wife team Jared and Katya, and has since grown into a nationally recognized brand. For Sincerely Silver, it’s about more than just jewelry; it’s about transforming your unique story or that of your loved ones into a tangible wearable treasure. Sincerely Silver pieces are crafted to become a daily signature, fusing fashion and profound sentimental value.

  • SOKO


    SOKO is a Black-owned ethical jewelry brand inspired by strong women defying societal norms. SOKO uses business as a force for good, connecting Kenyan artisans with the global market to reduce inequality and poverty through dignified job creation. SOKO's jewelry collections are a fusion of evolved classics and subtle statements that celebrate the uninhibited self-expression of women. While SOKO is a global brand, Kenya remains its beating heart.



    Entrusted with iconic designer Sonia Petroff’s archive upon her passing, Maria Leoni-Sceti felt compelled to revive the vibrant and opulent pieces. Sonia's legacy, rooted in confidence and rebellion, finds new life through Maria's modern touch. The jewelry embodies a confident, feminine style, updated with a contemporary edge while retaining the vibrancy and joy of earlier decades. Handmade in Tuscany, the brand prioritizes ethical production and sustainability.



    Daniel Swarovski’s desire to create “a diamond for everyone” led to the founding of Swarovski in 1895. Inventing a machine that cut crystals more accurately than ever before, the precision-cut facets of Swarovski crystals allowed for exceptional clarity and brilliance. With a heritage spanning over 125 years, Swarovski remains a global leader in the jewelry industry, renowned for its craftsmanship, innovation, and elegance.

  • SYD & PIA

    SYD & PIA

    Syd & Pia is a quintessential metal-driven brand, embodying the chicness of Downtown New York City and the rich antique aesthetic of exotic cultures. With 20+ years’ experience, founder Fernanda Medina is the creative force behind the conceptual process, all the way to the finishing ends of production. Fernanda crafts jewelry that offers bold statements effortlessly. With her designs, she is always thinking of ways to redefine and modernize classic silhouettes.



    Tippy Hung is an award-winning jewelry designer based in New York City. Founded in 2016, her brand Tippy Taste Jewelry conjures delicate and elegant jewels straight out of a fairytale. Born in Taiwan and raised in Singapore, China, and Paris, Tippy’s diverse experiences shape her unique aesthetic, resulting in truly exquisite creations. Tippy is known for her signature style – romantic and feminine with a hint of vintage glamour.

  • TOUS


    Tous, founded in 1920 in Spain, is a global jewelry brand celebrated for its distinctive bear motif and playful designs. Known for combining creativity with tradition, Tous offers a diverse range of jewelry and accessories crafted from materials like gold, silver, and gemstones. The brand's emphasis on innovation and inclusivity has garnered a loyal international following, making Tous a symbol of accessible luxury and charm in the world of contemporary jewelry.



    Van Der Hout Jewelry is a female-driven business based in Toronto. Karen Van Der Hout’s childhood in NYC’s diamond district shaped her deep understanding of jewelry making and gave her a lifelong love for the craft. Van Der Hout Jewelry is dedicated to creating timeless designs from sustainably sourced solid gold and genuine gemstones. Karen creates jewelry for resilient, beautiful and strong women to feel their most extravagant selves in every day.



    Vettona is a fashion jewelry brand creating high-quality pieces designed to leave a lasting impression on the wearer. The founders embarked on a journey to craft pieces that are truly special and empower women to feel confident and beautiful throughout their everyday life. Their goal is simple yet profound – to inspire you to feel your best. Blending current trends with timelessness, Vettona presents jewelry with a classic twist that will never go out of style.



    Founded by Bernard Smith in New York, Vision of Self is a novel jewelry brand that helps you manifest your dreams. The brand's core concept revolves around intentional jewelry, featuring a signature barrel locket that serves as a sacred chamber for personal, handwritten notes. These notes act as constant reminders, fostering a profound, tangible and enduring connection to one’s goals. Carry your dreams wherever you go with Vision of Self.

  • YFN


    YFN - “You, Forever Noble”, is an international jewelry brand established in 1998. Expanding from ODM services for high-end jewelry brands to launching their own retail brand in 2014, YFN brings you high quality jewelry and personalized designs without the markups. The brand believes everyone should be able to express their stories and emotions through jewelry. They are proud to offer affordable luxury jewelry of great craftsmanship to their global community.



    Zigleys is a trailblazing Black-owned brand revolutionizing hair adornment with its luxury jewelry for locs, braids, and twists. Founded by Daria Dana, Zigleys' mission is to celebrate the cultural richness of hairstyles through meticulously crafted accessories in solid 18k gold and diamonds. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in New York City, each Zigleys piece is made-to-order, ensuring a unique touch and unparalleled quality. Choose Zigleys, and embrace jewelry worthy of your hair.



    Based in Los Angeles and a celebrity favorite, Zoe Lev Jewelry presents fine jewelry that fits the modern woman’s lifestyle. Founded by Stephanie in 2011, the brand's signature personalized jewelry has grown to include essential pieces for any occasion. Crafted with recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones, the jewelry is timeless and designed for everyday wear. With a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, Zoe Lev creates real jewelry for real people, while giving back to environmental causes.

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