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    Using gold and precious stones, Ayşe Rodoslu applies the simplicity she has embraced in all areas of her life in her designs, giving life to modern, minimal and timeless jewelry. She always designs with the “less is more” philosophy and tries to create impressive designs with small touches. For Ayşe, designing is a manifestation of her feelings. Her goal is to share simple, intimate, meaningful and reflective designs with people, and to let her emotions reflect on those who use her jewelry.



    Sharón Chandally Pedrini’s work carries tradition forward, innovating under the influence of generations. She explores the tension between asymmetry and balance, simplicity and chaos, and synthesizes her roots in Yemenite silversmithing with a uniquely modern sensibility. The result is an unfolding body of engaging work that looks to the future and nods to the past, celebrating the dance between old and new with grace, glamour, and a touch of grit. Luxury for the everyday.



    Gwenne Jewelry was created from founder and designer Yarden Maimon’s love, inspiration and deep connection to spirituality. Yarden infuses her knowledge of Celtic History into her jewelry and Gwenne Jewelry is a collection of majestic jewelry that channels ancient Celtic wisdom and style.



    Mora is a jeweller and artist who lives and works in Israel. Her brand is focused on traditional craftsmanship with a fresh, updated approach. She believes that the beauty and design of the jewelry her customers wear have real power to influence the way they feel, and those who quest for a personal connection to their purchases favor products with stories behind them.

  • SOKO


    SOKO is a Black-owned ethical jewelry brand inspired by strong women defying societal norms. SOKO uses business as a force for good, connecting Kenyan artisans with the global market to reduce inequality and poverty through dignified job creation. SOKO's jewelry collections are a fusion of evolved classics and subtle statements that celebrate the uninhibited self-expression of women. While SOKO is a global brand, Kenya remains its beating heart.



    Daniel Swarovski’s desire to create “a diamond for everyone” led to the founding of Swarovski in 1895. Inventing a machine that cut crystals more accurately than ever before, the precision-cut facets of Swarovski crystals allowed for exceptional clarity and brilliance. With a heritage spanning over 125 years, Swarovski remains a global leader in the jewelry industry, renowned for its craftsmanship, innovation, and elegance.

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