Inspired By You, Designed For You…

Whether you are looking for a custom engagement ring that captures your love story, or a personalized necklace to celebrate a special milestone, our bespoke service is designed to make your dreams a reality. We collaborate closely with well-renowned jewelers as well as new emerging talented jewelers. With your unique vision in mind, our designers will create a one-of-a-kind piece for you that reflects your personality and tells your story beautifully. You may trust their expert advice and delight in their wizardry as they use only the finest materials and most skilled craftsmanship to bring your ideas to life.

1. Get in touch with us

Don’t be shy, say hi! Send us an email at or fill in the contact form.

2. Virtual Meeting

Our founders will set up a virtual meeting with you. We’ll discuss what your preferences are, design aesthetic, budget and get a good understanding of what you are looking for.

3. Talk to the Designer

Together we will talk to the designer who we feel is best suited to bringing your vision to life. After this meeting we’ll let the designer draw up some design options to present to you.

4. Design Approval

If you’re happy you with the design, you can approve it and the jeweler will begin preparations to make your piece.

5. Creating Your Piece

Depending on the craftsmanship technique and the intricacy of the design it can take a week to possibly a month to produce your bespoke jewelry. Time will also vary due to the availability of materials such as gemstones.

6. Time to Gift Wrap

YAY! It’s time to gift wrap and ship it over to you. We hope you love your truly one-of-a-kind bespoke creation inspired by you and your story.