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    Founder Alexandra Elsener says the collections not only focuses on celebrating the inherent strength in women and their spirit animals, it is also environmentally sustainable in its sourcing and production, all while maintaining the highest quality standards possible.



    Aneska is a Parisian jewellery house founded by Aurélia Halfon presenting fine jewellery of luxurious simplicity. Aurélia imagines contemporary, feminine and audacious jewellery that she loves to wear and that accompanies her every day. Resolutely personal, she likes the idea that her creations tell a story, transmit a memory, or an emotion. Each piece is handcrafted in a traditional manner to carve out its unique personality.



    Munich-based designer Carolin Rossa creates stylish, minimalist jewelry with a hidden wow factor.  She is passionate about using the power of gemstones to awaken inner strength and confidence. Each piece harnesses the unique properties of gemstones, promoting stress relief, self-confidence, communication, self-love, creativity, or concentration. Carolin Stone Jewelry prioritizes ethical sourcing and sustainability and plants a tree with every order.



    Caroline Swolfs is a well-known Belgian jewellery designer. At the end of the 90’s, when Caroline created her logo, in the shape of a drop, the idea came to her to develop her new jewellery collections from a single source of inspiration: a simple drop.



    Award-winning Czech designer Daniela Komatović is a perfectionist who focuses on every detail of her amazing work – from design to completion. With minimalism and elegance as her trademarks, she widens the boundaries of design with every piece she makes. Daniela’s modern yet luxurious jewelry, made only of gold, diamonds, precious stones, semi-precious stones and pearls, has attracted the attention of even the most demanding lovers of design.



    Founded by Anastasia Komleva, Guillory is statement jewelry for modern women who do not want to give up on their romantic and stylish side. It is jewelry for the bold and stylish. The unconventional. For the fashionistas, who like to stand out with their individuality. The jewelry radiates vintage romantic glamour, with a hint of contemporary ethnic chic.



    Joana Mota Capitão presents a Portuguese contemporary jewellery brand you won’t forget easily. Joana’s approach to design is based on merging organic elements with geometric references, crafting a refined new language which is both fluid and current. Joana’s unique creations reflect her travels, nature, painting, her childhood, and everything that surrounds her.



    At the heart of the Lisa Eleni brand is a founding couple from Vienna and their shared passion for fine jewelry. Lisa serves as creative designer, bringing her artistic touch, while Thomas oversees finances and marketing. Together, they have built a brand that stands for unique design and enduring gold jewelry. Lisa Eleni aims for their affordable yet high-quality pieces to maintain their shine for a lifetime. All jewelry is made in small batches.

  • LIYA


    After gaining experience in Vienna’s artists’ ateliers and completing fashion studies in Italy, Liya Goglidze established her namesake brand upon returning to her hometown, Tbilisi, Georgia. Garnering international acclaim from its debut, LIYA has become a regular presence at Paris Fashion Week. Characterized by its modern, daring, and timeless aesthetic, the brand seamlessly blends individuality with a love for personal presence. The designs fuse everyday functionality with a contemporary feminine edge.



    Helge Maren designs sustainable jewellery that wants to find its place in your story. Her high-quality, minimalist jewellery offers a timeless tranquility and is created to accompany its wearers for a lifetime. Maren Jewellery enables luxury that is in harmony with nature. Jewellery that becomes the expression of a mindful and considerate love is the unique characteristic of her jewellery. Helge’s wish is to make her passion for sustainability and her love for nature tangible through her jewellery.



    Greek-born, Florence-based jeweler, Maria Glezelli designs contemporary yet timeless pieces for sophisticated women who cherish tradition and are proud of their origins, their values and their achievements. Maria Glezelli encourages women to reconnect with their roots, by reinterpreting a traditional knitting technique. By connecting with tradition in an innovative way, Maria inspires women to always remember their origins whether they are a few miles from home or an ocean away.



    Renowned Portuguese jeweller Maria João Bahia is recognized by the elegance of her creations and ability to combine noble materials, precious gemstones and organic forms, transforming them into astonishing masterpieces. From the very beginning, creativity has been the essence of her brand. Her distinctive style, imaginative designs and magnificent pieces are carefully handcrafted with special attention to detail and thus each piece becomes more than jewellery, but a work of art.



    Nayestones is a Belgian jewellery brand founded by contemporary jewellery designer, Natalie Schayes. Natalie’s jewels offer a minimalist and airy aestheticism, thanks to the use of fluid lines, curves and circles. Her ambition is to create timeless and unexpected jewellery with a mix of pure forms and stones to elevate the soul.



    Characterised by colourful pieces, OggDESIGN encapsulates the wonderment held in the natural, precious beauty of gemstones and jewels. Each piece is delicately handmade under the curation of Béatrice: from the search and selection of gemstones, to the craftsmanship and finishing in the atelier.



    Rossella Ugolini is an award winning Italian artisan, goldsmith and artist who designs wonderful handcrafted pieces of fine jewelry. For many years, in her atelier in Rome she's been creating collections inspired by the world of nature, the elements, the animal kingdom and, of course, the city of Rome. Shop her unique and unrepeatable design for a unique and unrepeatable person.



    The creative force behind one of Denmark’s most beloved jewelry brands, Sif Jakobs is passionate about affordable luxury in the world of jewelry. In 2009, she founded her eponymous jewelry brand in Copenhagen inspired by Nordic aesthetics and Italian elegance. The minimalist yet playful pieces are designed to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty by adding an essential sparkle. Her mantra is simple: “Let Yourself Shine”, and her jewelry does exactly that.



    Daniel Swarovski’s desire to create “a diamond for everyone” led to the founding of Swarovski in 1895. Inventing a machine that cut crystals more accurately than ever before, the precision-cut facets of Swarovski crystals allowed for exceptional clarity and brilliance. With a heritage spanning over 125 years, Swarovski remains a global leader in the jewelry industry, renowned for its craftsmanship, innovation, and elegance.

  • TOUS


    Tous, founded in 1920 in Spain, is a global jewelry brand celebrated for its distinctive bear motif and playful designs. Known for combining creativity with tradition, Tous offers a diverse range of jewelry and accessories crafted from materials like gold, silver, and gemstones. The brand's emphasis on innovation and inclusivity has garnered a loyal international following, making Tous a symbol of accessible luxury and charm in the world of contemporary jewelry.



    Eva Lund designs with a graphic aesthetic, fusing Scandinavian minimalism with eye-catching statement pieces. Playing with architectural silhouettes, diamonds, colourful zircons and matte vs polished details, Vera Vega explores innovative ways of balancing opposing influences. The label presents an elevated aesthetic with a personal twist, enticing you to mix and match and express your personal style.


  • YSSO


    YSSO is a London and Athens-based jewelry brand blending history, modernity, and sustainability in their exquisite handcrafted designs. Founded by mother-and-daughter duo, Stalo and Alexia Karides, YSSO combines Stalo's three decades of jewelry making expertise with Alexia's creative vision. Rooted in heritage, YSSO jewelry reflects a timeless Greek-inspired aesthetic. Reimagining traditional patterns, motifs and symbols in a modern context, their designs emerge as a fusion of the past and the present.

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