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    “Queen of Charms”, Annoushka Ducas OBE, is one of Britain’s most beloved jewelry designers. For over 30 years, she has helped clients tell their stories through exquisite fine jewelry. She is always looking for exceptional gemstones and inspiring craftsmanship on her travels, to infuse the new and unexpected into her detailed creations. Playfulness, versatility and glamour are her signature. Annoushka’s precious jewels are designed to work hard for you – to be worn daily, in many ways, and to be treasured forever.



    Carrie Elizabeth is a popular London-based jewelry brand dedicated to affordable luxury. Carrie Elizabeth Dennahy founded the brand in 2015 with a vision to bridge the gap between fashion and fine jewelry. Crafted in 14k gold vermeil, sterling silver, and solid gold, each piece is adorned with diamonds and semi-precious stones, exuding timeless beauty. Ethical sourcing and handmade craftsmanship in Jaipur, India, using the finest quality stones, underscore the brand's commitment to quality.



    Sophisticated and chic with a hint of playfulness, Catherine Marche’s jewellery reflects her native Parisienne sense of style. She creates one-of-a-kind fine and fashion jewellery with a French twist, always designed with versatility in mind.



    Creating jewellery with intricate drawings of sparkling wires and textured gold, Claire makes unique pieces to treasure forever. Peppered with diamonds and coloured gems, the delicate motifs offer fine jewellery x laid-back style. Design, quality and craftsmanship are at the heart of each collection; everything is made by hand in small batches or as one-off pieces in the West London studio, and recycled gold is used almost exclusively.



    Cristina Cipolli is an Italian architect-turned-jewellery designer. Her creations blend the magic of architecture with the world of jewellery, all the while incorporating diverse influences and inspirations: from nature, to art, to tribal traditions and the adornments of ancient civilisations. Exuding minimalism and sensuality, Cristina’s fine and demi-fine collections are perfect for confident and sophisticated women who want to look sexy and original at any occasion.



    Daisy London is a British jewelry brand renowned for its modern and minimalist designs. Founded in 2009 by Ruth Bewsey, Daisy has gained popularity for its symbolic pieces that blend simplicity with meaningfulness. Favoring timelessness over trends, the brand’s high-quality jewelry is designed to be worn daily and cherished for years to come. Ruth aspires to create jewelry that will make you feel unapologetically yourself. Every piece reflects effortless style with a touch of personal significance.



    Donatella Balsamo is an Italian, London-based designer specialising in luxury hand-crafted jewellery featuring a classical and antique feel with a contemporary twist. Aiming to take customers on a magical journey, Donatella combines the mystical world of the East with the haute couture principles of the West to create eye-catching statement pieces.



    Dovile Bertulyte makes jewellery that feels a bit rough, free spirited and wild. She likes to think of her pieces like a travel companion that leads you to the most remote corners of the world. With her jewellery she wants to inspire people, and remind them how beautiful our planet is.



    London-based emerging jewellery designer Harriet Morris is definitely one to watch, with her bold, impactful and larger than life designs. Coming from a background in fine art and set and costume design, Harriet went on to study jewellery design in both London and San Miguel de Allende. Four years immersed in Mexico’s jewellery scene unleashed her creativity as a designer. Her statement-making pieces reflect her desire to surprise and challenge the expectations around jewellery.



    Kate Wood makes contemporary beaded and chain work jewellery which is admired for its delicacy, intricately detailed finish and lightness of touch. The subtle, harmonious shapes of Kate’s beaded designs take their cue from natural forms and textures, and incorporate her love of beautiful gemstones and vintage glamour. Each piece is meticulously constructed by hand from multiple tiny beads, which are wrapped and ‘woven’ onto chains with hand-made silver pins.



    Diana's passion for artisan craft and art history infuses her work. Always starting from her ‘Muse’, whether current or historical, her collections embody the balance of strength and sensuality. Diana's designs are ephemeral and graceful with a romantic femininity, whilst at the same time, as she lives and works in London, the city’s culture connects her to the role that jewellery plays in empowering busy career women.



    Founded by Eliza Walter, LYLIE Jewelry is a London-based, female-run brand committed to sustainable and ethical jewelry practices. Eliza is a classically trained goldsmith who brings a fresh perspective to the industry, having started her journey by crafting jewelry from electronic waste in 2017. Today LYLIE’s jewelry combines gold salvaged from their Gold Exchange program with recycled antique and lab-grown diamonds. Eliza envisions LYLIE as the go-to brand for compassionate, conscious customers.



    Mounir's signature style is that of a timeless and refined elegance. His meticulous attention to detail has secured him as one of the industries leaders, since forming in 1989. Partnered with wife Corinne, the philosophy of the designs has always been to create honest and beautiful pieces resistant to fleeting fashions.

  • MURU


    Muru Jewellery, founded by Marie and Phil in 2006, is a brand rooted in their passion for travel and the creation of lasting memories. Muru’s signature style embraces minimalist simplicity, allowing wearers to mix and match for a personalised jewelry statement that reflects their style. Every piece is imbued with special meaning, inspiring the wearer on a daily basis. The iconic talismanic necklaces are interchangeable, collectible, and available in various chain lengths, offering endless layering possibilities.



    Bridging the gap between fashion and craft, London-based jewellery designer and maker Niza Huang crafts original pieces with a distinctive aesthetic. Her timeless yet contemporary collections range in style from organic abstract to minimalist geometric, conveying Niza’s rich imagination and creative passion.



    Nusa was born out of a deep passion for the rich culture and people of Bali, the “Island of the Gods”. Inspired by the extraordinary craftsmanship of Balinese silver artisans, Nusa emerged from a desire to share the island's unique artistry with the world. The name "Nusa," meaning "island" in the local language, pays homage to Bali’s distinctive cultural heritage. The brand’s philosophy lies in a thriving partnership between itself, artisans, and customers.



    Olivia Cooper is an independent British jewellery brand founded by Hannah Oertel. After finding success as an entrepreneur and a business coach, Hannah decided to return to her first love: jewellery. She wanted to create a brand that cared about quality, design, affordability, giving back and their customers. So in the middle of lockdown 2020, the journey began. All of Hannah’s demi-fine collections are designed out of her Edinburgh studio. The brand is mindful of sustainability and promotes slow jewellery.



    For over 40 years, Paul Magen has been bringing "ideas to life" by designing exquisite handmade and bespoke jewellery in London. Paul’s signature organic and textural style is what makes his jewellery truly special and instantly recognisable. Inspired by ancient artifacts and sunken treasures, his striking designs are crafted in uniquely textured silver and gold, set with precious and semi-precious stones.



    Shakti Ellenwood is a renowned designer of ethical jewellery, whose handcrafted creations offer a unique blend of beauty and integrity. Her earthy, organic designs fuse an ancient feel with a contemporary aesthetic, incorporating diverse influences including the sacred symbolism of amulets and talismans, the sentimentality of the Victorian era, folklore and ancient civilisations, as well as her own travels across the globe.



    Emelie and Stephanie present Sorella, a jewelry brand rooted in their family heritage of crafting fine jewelry since 1979. With almost two decades of experience helping to create stunning diamond jewelry, the sisters believed it was time to expand into demi-fine jewelry. Realizing a gap in the market, they offer solid gold pieces adorned with lab-grown diamonds or zirconia stones. Handmade in London, Sorella jewelry is designed to tell your stories and last a lifetime.



    Daniel Swarovski’s desire to create “a diamond for everyone” led to the founding of Swarovski in 1895. Inventing a machine that cut crystals more accurately than ever before, the precision-cut facets of Swarovski crystals allowed for exceptional clarity and brilliance. With a heritage spanning over 125 years, Swarovski remains a global leader in the jewelry industry, renowned for its craftsmanship, innovation, and elegance.



    The ‘King of Cufflinks’, Robert Tateossian is a distinguished name in the luxury jewelry industry. Established in 1990, his eponymous brand Tateossian Ltd. is recognized globally for its distinctive elegance and beautiful craftsmanship. Tateossian’s designs push creative boundaries by blending traditional metals with unconventional materials like carbon fibre and meteorites. Innovation lies at the heart, with designs frequently revealing elements of movement and surprise to delight the wearer.

  • YSSO


    YSSO is a London and Athens-based jewelry brand blending history, modernity, and sustainability in their exquisite handcrafted designs. Founded by mother-and-daughter duo, Stalo and Alexia Karides, YSSO combines Stalo's three decades of jewelry making expertise with Alexia's creative vision. Rooted in heritage, YSSO jewelry reflects a timeless Greek-inspired aesthetic. Reimagining traditional patterns, motifs and symbols in a modern context, their designs emerge as a fusion of the past and the present.

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