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Volcano 18k Gold Black Diamond Ring

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Ref No: US011/20021

Design: Jane Bartel is a designer and a maker in equal parts. In 2014, she established her eponymous jewelry brand in New York, where her native West Coast casual meets the city's chic. Her inherent affinity for nature shines through in her designs. Her contemporary collections reimagine both everyday and heirloom pieces, inspired primarily by the organic forms and ethereal colors of the ocean. Whether a sleek, elevated essential or an all-out statement style, every collection infuses artisanal design with a creative spirit.

Style Notes: Heroes and heroines inform the assertive, narrative pieces in the Mykonos collection. This unabashedly maximalist selection of genderless rings is defined by bold shapes and striking colorways with pronounced gemstone settings. Each design represents a different epic legend or landscape from antiquity, refined into simple statement styles with elegant contemporary appeal. The Volcano Ring is a sleek and modern 18k yellow gold black diamond ring. It is an update to the classic signet inspired by the black volcano of the Greek Island of Santorini.

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Materials: 18k yellow gold with a faceted black diamond.

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