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Design: Miami-based Manifesto Jewelry presents high fashion jewelry with intention. More design, less embellishment. Martin Ortiz's signature style, simple geometric designs that are chic and sexy, elegant and approachable, have gathered world-wide attention and acclaim. Discreet luxury, seduction and purity of lines are the characteristic of all his designs. Each piece embodies a natural elegance and sophisticated style, which makes them unique and refreshingly original.

Style Notes: Using geometric shapes in a fresh and fascinating way, the Naked series draws its inspiration from the four elements: earth, air, water and fire. Keep your energy high with the Fire Ring. The fire within us is what keeps us going and pushing forward every day.

Price: Please note price may vary due to exchange rate differences or shipping, duties and taxes. Price may also vary with material choice. Final price is calculated at checkout at the designer's website.

Materials: 14k gold, yellow or rose gold plated, silver or copper.

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