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Jille Bean Double Hearts Pendant

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Ref No: US007/20037

Design: Syd & Pia is a quintessential metal-driven brand, embodying the chicness of Downtown New York City and the rich antique aesthetic of exotic cultures. With 20+ years' experience, founder Fernanda Medina is the creative force behind the conceptual process, all the way to the finishing ends of production. Fernanda crafts jewelry that offers bold statements effortlessly. With her designs, she is always thinking of ways to redefine and modernize classic silhouettes.

Style Notes: The Scapular necklace, also known as an Escapulario, is a symbol of devotion that has been used since the seventeenth century. Syd & Pia's version of the necklace is 36 inches long and features two hearts on either end. It can be worn alone or layered with other styles, and is a great gift for any occasion. The Scapular necklace is often referred to as a "looking glass" as it is believed to "look out for your future and reflect your past" and is perfect for showing devotion.

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Materials: 14k gold plated brass.

Dimensions: Length: 91.44cm / 36 inches. Pendant size 2.22cm x 2.22cm / 0.87 inches x 0.87 inches.

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