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Talhe Necklace

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Ref No: PT006/20098

Design: With Lisbon always in her heart, Joana Mota Capitão presents a Portuguese contemporary jewellery brand you won't forget easily. Joana's approach to design is based on merging organic elements with geometric references, crafting a refined new language which is both fluid and current. There is always a differentiating factor behind every piece - a story, really. Joana's unique creations reflect her travels, nature, painting, her childhood, and everything that surrounds her. In addition to her collections, Joana also offers a bespoke service to design her clients' dream pieces.

Style Notes: Inspired by crystal habits, that is, the fascinating shapes and forms all crystals display. With a depurated language, a tridimensional approach, and irregular lines, Joana Mota Capitão's Talhe collection is the epitome of minimal elegance and a keen eye for detail.

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Materials: 24k gold-plated 925 sterling silver.

Dimensions: Chain length: 60 cm

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