Rossella Ugolini

Emerald and Garnet Beaded Necklace

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Ref No: IT005/20102

Design: Rossella Ugolini is an award-winning Italian jewellery designer. She spent her childhood in the garden of wonders of her grandfather's city-cottage. He was an engineer but also an inventor. There she learned to look at details with curiosity and imagination. Today she owes to her training the ability to shape ideas through gold and precious stones. With her work she tries to give back, in another form, the beautiful things that she has been lucky enough to admire. She uses her goldsmith's lens to observe the history and beauty of Italy but also to go beyond places and things and discover the less visible charm of the soul and thoughts.

Style Notes: Here there is an amazing 18k yellow gold necklace adorned with 3 ct deep green emerald, red garnets and fresh water pearls. Every 3 beads there's a chain. The secret of this beautiful necklace lies in the handmade process that enriches it, every chain is linked one by one in an artisanal way.

Emerald brings loyalty, enhances unconditional love and unity and promotes friendship. Garnet revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate. Pearls are believed to offer protection, as well as attract good luck and wealth.

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Materials: 18k yellow gold with 3 ct emeralds, red garnets and fresh water pearls.

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