Hexagon Mixed Chain

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Ref No: IL007/20017

Design: Sharón Chandally Pedrini's work carries tradition forward, innovating under the influence of generations. She explores the tension between asymmetry and balance, simplicity and chaos, and synthesizes her roots in Yemenite silversmithing with a uniquely modern sensibility. The result is an unfolding body of engaging work that looks to the future and nods to the past, celebrating the dance between old and new with grace, glamour, and a touch of grit. Luxury for the everyday.

Style Notes: The most impressive part of this unique chain necklace is that every link is completely unique and handmade, an eclectic assortment of sculptural elements. Featuring a rose-cut grey diamond, this 18k yellow gold filigree jewelry piece is a true collector's item that stands confidently on its own.

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Materials: 18k gold with a 1.1ct grey rose cut diamond.

Dimensions: 43.7-49.5cm adjustable chain length.

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