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Grape Earrings

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Ref No: IL006/20034

Design: Mora Dimerman is a jewelry designer and artist who lives and works in Israel. Her brand is focused on traditional craftsmanship with a fresh, updated approach. Guided by an interest in materiality, composition, and simplicity, her process is intuitive and experimental. Mora believes that the beauty and design of the jewelry her customers wear have real power to influence the way they feel, and those who quest for a personal connection to their purchases favor products with stories behind them and that contain a tangible sense of their maker.

Style Notes: These long dangling earrings are made from a delicate sterling silver chain. These statement handmade earrings are perfect for a special event and are a beautiful gift for your loved ones. Like all of Mora's designs, they are one-of-a-kind, hand-knitted in crochet artwork by Mora.

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Materials: Sterling silver.

Dimensions: Length: 4 inches / 10 cm.

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