Lady of the Lake Necklace

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Ref No: IL005/20025

Design: Gwenne Jewellery was created from founder and designer Yarden Maimon's love, inspiration and deep connection to spirituality. Yarden infuses her knowledge of Celtic History into her jewelry and Gwenne Jewellery is a collection of majestic jewelry that channels ancient Celtic wisdom and style. It is created with the finest materials of the highest quality, using cutting edge technologies which involve using 3D printers for the stunning jewelry.

Style Notes: The Celtic Legend Collections explore a forgotten and truly majestic realm, Avalon. This necklace is inspired by the Lady of the Lake, who appears in Arthurian legends and grants King Arthur with the Sword of Truth. The Sword Of Truth appears in the Bible as the separator of lies from universal truth. This necklace will connect the wearer with divine honour and truth. It is made of 14k gold with a beautiful high quality opal and purifying iolite gemstones on the sides. The opal is an amazing shiny stone that adds cheerfulness and a spark of mystery to our lives.

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Materials: 14k white gold with an opal and iolite gemstones.

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