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Pompom Emerald Beaded Stud Earrings

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Ref No: GB012/20034

Design: Kate Wood makes contemporary beaded and chain work jewellery which is admired for its delicacy, intricately detailed finish and lightness of touch. The subtle, harmonious shapes of Kate's beaded designs take their cue from natural forms and textures, and incorporate her love of beautiful gemstones and vintage glamour. Each piece is meticulously constructed by hand from multiple tiny beads, which are wrapped and 'woven' onto chains with hand-made silver pins.

Style Notes: Sweet little green emerald beaded stud earrings. Feminine and unusual pompom shaped yellow gold vermeil cluster earrings with a post fitting. Hand-beaded using stunning faceted emerald beads in a range of green shades. Yellow-gold vermeil complements the stones perfectly and adds a touch of warmth. Sitting close to the ear, these are so easy to wear – perfect earrings for everyday to add an easy feminine touch.

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Materials: Yellow gold vermeil (sterling silver with a thick, durable layer of 22k gold plating) with emeralds.

Dimensions: 1cm diameter cluster.

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