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Amazon Earrings - Silver

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Ref No: GB011/20001

Design: Cristina Cipolli is an Italian architect-turned-jewellery designer. Her creations blend the magic of architecture with the world of jewellery, all the while incorporating diverse influences and inspirations: from nature, to art, to tribal traditions and the adornments of ancient civilisations. Exuding minimalism and sensuality, Cristina's fine and demi-fine collections are perfect for confident and sophisticated women who want to look sexy and original at any occasion.

Style Notes: The name Amazon comes from the ancient Greek mythology. Female Equestrians are called "Amazons". Cristina's Amazon collection has a Rock vibe and is inspired by the shape of horseshoe nails and the horned body-ornaments popular in tribal traditions. These earrings are shaped like two sided tusks front and back, resulting in a cool optical illusion effect. They are set with black onyx or lapis lazuli. You can wear them traditionally in two ears or layer in one if you have multiple piercings.

Black onyx is a powerful protection stone which absorbs and transforms negative energy. Lapis lazuli quickly releases stress and brings deep peace.

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Materials: Sterling silver with 0.4ct black onyx or lapis lazuli.

Dimensions: 25mm height, 12.38mm width, 5mm thickness.

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