Dovile Bertulyte

Petite Sphere Rouge Silicone Silver Ring

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Ref No: GB010/20031

Design: Dovile Bertulyte makes jewellery that feels a bit rough, free spirited and wild. She likes to think of her pieces like a travel companion that leads you to the most remote corners of the world. With her jewellery she wants to inspire people, and remind them how beautiful our planet is. From meadows and valleys to mountain tops and ocean bottoms, inspiration from her travels is transferred to her work through an array of vibrant colours, intricate patterns and tactile textures.

Style Notes: Yellow gold plated silver ring with rouge silicone sphere. This ring makes a real statement and will not go without unnoticed.

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Materials: 18k yellow gold-plated sterling silver and silicone.

Dimensions: The sphere is 18mm x 18mm. The band width is 10mm.

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