Shakti Ellenwood

Eloise Earrings in 18k Gold

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Ref No: GB008/20114

Design: Shakti Ellenwood is a renowned designer of ethical jewellery, whose handcrafted creations offer a unique blend of beauty and integrity. Her earthy, organic designs fuse an ancient feel with a contemporary aesthetic, incorporating diverse influences including the sacred symbolism of amulets and talismans, the sentimentality of the Victorian era, folklore and ancient civilisations, as well as her own travels across the globe. Inspired by rituals from Egypt, India and the Amazon, Shakti crafts every design using sung mantras and icaros to imbue blessing and protection for its wearer – a prayer captured in gold.

Style Notes: These ethical earrings, made with hand cut chrysocolla gemstones and two sparkly champagne coloured diamonds are like drops from the ocean. Shakti Ellenwood has nicknamed them her 'good vibe earrings' as they always take her back to long summer days on the island of Ibiza. The ancient Egyptians called chrysocolla the 'wise stone' because, they believed, it instilled the wearer with love, intuition and above all patience. The star setting, surrounding the diamond, encourages us to follow our own star and let it guide us.

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Materials: Made in 18k Fairtrade yellow gold with two hand cut chrysocolla gemstones and two champagne coloured diamonds.

Dimensions: The gold diamonds are 7 mm with 0.8 mm thickness. The chrysocollas are 10 mm x 7.5 mm x 4.6 mm. The champagne coloured diamonds are 2 mm.

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