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Palomita Dove Necklace

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Ref No: GB008/20097

Design: Shakti Ellenwood is a renowned designer of ethical jewellery, whose handcrafted creations offer a unique blend of beauty and integrity. Her earthy, organic designs fuse an ancient feel with a contemporary aesthetic, incorporating diverse influences including the sacred symbolism of amulets and talismans, the sentimentality of the Victorian era, folklore and ancient civilisations, as well as her own travels across the globe. Inspired by rituals from Egypt, India and the Amazon, Shakti crafts every design using sung mantras and icaros to imbue blessing and protection for its wearer – a prayer captured in gold.

Style Notes: This golden dove ethical pendant is a symbol of peace and gentleness. A perfect amulet to remind us to stay calm when things get crazy! Handcrafted with precision and patience, it is sure to become a favourite family heirloom. The pendant was made in honour of Shakti's daughter, Paloma who was born in Ibiza. Paloma is the Spanish word for dove, and Palomita means little dove.

Price: Please note price may vary due to exchange rate differences or shipping, duties and taxes. Price may also vary with material choice. Final price is calculated at checkout at the designer's website.

Materials: Made in 18k Fairtrade yellow gold. You may choose the gold chain type: a tiny trace chain, a medium trace chain or a Queenie chain or purchase the pendant only.

Dimensions: The dove pendant is 13 mm x 15 mm x 0.8 mm. The chains come in a variety of lengths: 41 cm, 46 cm and 51 cm. For the tiny trace chain: the wire thickness is 0.37 mm, the links are 1.49 mm x 1.80 mm. For the medium trace chain: the wire thickness is 0.47 mm, the links are 2.03 x 2.55 mm. For the Queenie chain, the wire thickness is 0.6 mm and the diameter is 3.7 mm.

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