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Under Earth Irregular Ring - Silver

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Ref No: GB006/20064

Design: Bridging the gap between fashion and craft, London-based jewellery designer and maker Niza Huang crafts original pieces with a distinctive aesthetic. Finding beauty in contrast, Niza fuses organic forms with clean lines to create raw-sophisticated pieces that exude elegance with an edge. Her timeless yet contemporary collections range in style from organic abstract to minimalist geometric, conveying Niza's rich imagination and creative passion. Inspired by our connection with nature, she incorporates a selection of raw and refined diamonds and gemstones into her designs.

Style Notes: The Under Earth collection was inspired by Niza's fascination with the mysterious geological depths of the Earth. The jewellery is designed to reflect the secrets of the underground world. This elegant ring invokes the intricate shapes of natural rock. It is embellished with the mystical Herkimer diamond quartz a stone known for its clarity for a subtle yet alluring effect.

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Materials: Made in sterling silver with Herkimer diamond quartz.

Dimensions: The ring is approx. 18 x15 x 13 mm.

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