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Ref No: DE001/20033

Design: Helge Maren designs sustainable jewellery that wants to find its place in your story. Her high-quality, minimalist jewellery offers a timeless tranquility and is created to accompany its wearers for a lifetime. Maren Jewellery enables luxury that is in harmony with nature. Jewellery that becomes the expression of a mindful and considerate love is the unique characteristic of her jewellery. Helge's wish is to make her passion for sustainability and her love for nature tangible through her jewellery.

Style Notes: The beautiful pair of Waves earrings from the Memories of the Sea collection is made of German recycled 18 karat gold and set with 24 lab-grown diamonds from Switzerland. They roll in, adorn themselves with crowns of foam, wipe across the beach - a tireless, graceful and meditative movement that was the model for the Waves earring. Wear the timeless beauty of the waves - with Maren Jewellery's Waves earring!

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Materials: Recycled 18k gold with 24 lab-grown diamonds, 0.1cts total, G color, excellent cut, VS1 clarity.

Dimensions: length 14,5 mm / width 6 mm whole / width 2,6 / height 2,2 mm

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