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Ref No: CZ005/20019

Design: Award-winning Czech designer Daniela Komatović is a perfectionist who focuses on every detail of her amazing work – from design to completion. With minimalism and elegance as her trademarks, she widens the boundaries of design with every piece she makes. Daniela's modern yet luxurious jewelry, made only of gold, diamonds, precious stones, semi-precious stones and pearls, has attracted the attention of even the most demanding lovers of design.

Style Notes: In the world where the circle has ceased to exist and only the right angles and parallel lines are in effect, Daniela's new collection Vertex has been created. In the sign of the square, the vertex is celebrating all of its meanings, not just in a purely geometric sense. Dress up in luxury with blue sapphire cubes. Two sapphires set precisely into 14k white gold cubes create a fascinating sparkle. An absolute must-have!

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Materials: 14k white gold with 2 blue sapphires, 0.26ct.

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