Petite Comete Diamond Necklace

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Ref No: BE007/20088

Design: Nayestones is a Belgian jewellery brand founded by contemporary jewellery designer, Natalie Schayes. Natalie's jewels offer a minimalist and airy aestheticism, thanks to the use of fluid lines, curves and circles. Her ambition is to create timeless and unexpected jewellery with a mix of pure forms and stones to elevate the soul. She imagines sensual, sophisticated jewellery that follows the body in order to become one with it. The approach to design is all about joyfully experimenting with stones, light and shapes in order to give you a piece of jewellery that reflects beauty and joy. Natalie offers a luxury that is intimate and spiritual, a luxury for oneself.

Style Notes: For her Path of Life collection, Natalie Schayes has designed a precious necklace set with white diamonds. Inspired by the comet, the designer imagined a minimalist and elegant necklace. For all women looking for a necklace with impeccable chic.

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Materials: 18k yellow or white gold with white diamonds, 0.396 ct.

Dimensions: Length of the chain including the lock: 41cm.

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