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La Goutte Jumelle Ring

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Ref No: BE006/20041

Design: Caroline Swolfs is a well-known Belgian jewellery designer. Her line is artisanal, unique and very contemporary. At the end of the 90's, when Caroline created her logo, in the shape of a drop, the idea came to her to develop her new jewellery collections from a single source of inspiration: a simple drop. This became the anchor point of Caroline Swolfs' jewellery. The infinity of metamorphoses that such a simple form can undergo through the limitless imagination of the Belgian designer is a delight in motion.

Style Notes: This unique ring belongs to The Drop Collection. Reinventing the droplet each season is a theme Caroline Swolfs holds so dear and masters so delicately. Water is her favourite element and it is where her creativity finds its source. The resulting designs are timeless, refined and sensual.

Price: Please note price may vary due to exchange rate differences or shipping, duties and taxes. Price may also vary with material choice. Final price is calculated at checkout at the designer's website.

Materials: Sterling silver. Also available in 18k yellow or white gold.

Dimensions: The top of the ring has a size of 26,5 mm by 4 mm. The back of the ring is 4 mm wide.

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