Feathered Choco Tassel Earrings

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Ref No: BE005/20035

Design: Guillory is statement jewelry for modern women who do not want to give up on their romantic and stylish side. Guillory is jewelry for the bold and stylish. The unconventional. For the fashionistas, who like to stand out with their individuality.

Everything at Guillory is handmade, and as unique as the materials it is created from. Crafted with rare, traditional and contemporary materials collected from around the world, the jewelry radiates vintage romantic glamour, with a hint of contemporary ethnic chic.

The result is an intriguing relationship between materials and styles. Quality and meticulous finish guarantee an unforgettable experience with every single item of Guillory Jewelry.

Style Notes: These handmade statement earrings by Guillory Jewelry will bring a daring and contemporary edge to your look and give it a new twist.

Price: Please note price may vary due to exchange rate differences or shipping, duties and taxes. Final price is calculated at checkout at the designer's website.

Materials: Made of high-quality Italian Soutache, Swarovski Crystals, Czech beads, Silk Tassels and Sterling Silver posts.

Dimensions: (Length x Width): 20 cm x 3.5 cm, Tassels are 15 cm in length and the Swarovksi Cushion Crystals are 10 mm

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