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Small Honesty Neckpiece

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Ref No: AU005/20126

Design: Shimara's work has been inspired by natural forms, primarily seed pods. She uses silver, 18k gold, gum nuts and a dazzling array of precious stones to create her tactile jewellery. While keeping her organic style, Shimara has created a  simple yet unique collection of precious rings, including a range of wedding and engagement rings, some incorporating elements of her stacking rings, all combining subtle texture with a variety of stones in rich beautiful colours, particularly greys, blues and greens.

Style Notes: The Honesty collection was inspired by plant studies in Shimara's mother's Scottish garden. This statement piece features reticulated and formed, whitened leaves of silver, each with gold bead centres, assembled as a long strand into a stunning neckpiece.

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Materials: Made in sterling silver and 18k gold.

Dimensions: The necklace is 160 cm long.

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