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Double Jubilation Earrings - Citrine

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Ref No: US012/20006

Design: Emily Kuvin gets you. She understands how jewelry should make you feel. Emily's collections are vibrant and elegant, just like the women who wear them. Strong and symbolic, her jewelry speaks clearly - without saying a word. She splashes color across her iconic designs with gemstones and applies diamonds for the perfect amount of sparkle that always feels right. All her pieces are imbued with a sense of boldness and fun - elegance that references the classical - but is never boring.

Style Notes: Emily created the pieces in her Jubilation collection to be breathtaking mini bursts of color. Unexpected and exciting, perfect for bringing moments of joy to everyday life. Sunshine-y day! These bright and happy Double Jubilation earrings in gorgeous yellow citrine will just make you smile.

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Materials: 14k yellow gold with citrine.

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