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Lucky Teardrops Pearl Necklace - Silver/Gold

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Ref No: DK005/20146

Design: Vera Vega is a Danish jewellery label created in Copenhagen. Vera Vega is founded by Eva Lund. Eva designs with a graphic aesthetic and fuses Scandinavian minimalism with colourful designs, and versatile statement pieces. Playing with graphic details, architectural silhouettes and a contemporary touch, Vera Vega explores innovative ways of balancing opposing influences. The label presents an elevated and personal aesthetic that entice you to mix and match the clean silhouettes expressing your own story through your choice of details.

Style Notes: The Lucky Teardrops Pearl Necklace is inspired by the imaginary, magical life under the sea. The big coin pendant has a wavery surface giving the design an untreated, living vibe.

Price: Please note price may vary due to exchange rate differences or shipping, duties and taxes. Price may also vary with material choice. Final price is calculated at checkout at the designer's website.

Materials: Sterling silver or 24k gold-plated sterling silver with freshwater pearls and cubic zirconia.

Dimensions: 45 cm chain length. The coin pendant has a 22 mm diameter.

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